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Solar Energy is clean, renewable and reliable! Going green will save you money and allow you escape unpredictable monthly expenses. Average customers save between $80,000 - $120,000 over the life of their Solar System.

Own Your Own Power

Energy prices are constantly on the rise no matter where you live. Isn't it about time that you stopped renting your energy from the power company and started harnessing the suns free power?

Harness Clean Energy

35 million tons of carbon dioxide are saved annual by solar users. Help change the world we live in and share the benefits of switching to a clean renewable energy source.

Power Your Home, Your Way!

How much do you pay for electricity?
If the answer to this question surprises even you, you are not alone. For many in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, the average Kilowatt Hours (kWh) for the winter and summer seasons in relation to their home energy translates to a homeowner's largest expense; second only to their mortgage.

Power your home and save money while simultaneously helping the environment with energy generating products such as solar panels, solar pool heaters, and solar thermal air conditioning units. At Solar Source USA, we make it easy and affordable for you to go solar with system design, low-interest rate financing, professional installation, and system monitoring.

Our systems are backed by a performance guarantee as well: If our panels produce less than 88% of energy, then we will replace them, at no cost to you. We work closely with Arizona building service departments and utility companies, like Arizona Public Service Electric Company (APS) and Salt River Project Power and Water (SRP), to ensure you are able to take advantage of year-round sunny days and generous incentives as well as tax credits.

Which solar panels are right for me?
What is your primary reason for converting to solar? For most it is to save money on electric, but there are also those that wish to be independent of the utility companies; there truly is no right or wrong answer. Solar panels are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any home. They can also be installed whether you own or rent. Here are some of the more popular systems currently available today:
  • Grid Tie Systems are great for lowering monthly utility expenditures. These systems do, however, require a connection to your local utility company.
  • Off-Grid Systems allow you to enjoy all the comforts of electricity in more rural areas where utility power is either unavailable or too expensive to bring in.

Get Started Today with Solar Source USA
Solar Source USA is proud to deliver clean, renewable, affordable energy generating products such as solar panels to property owners throughout the state of Arizona. We design, sale, install, repair, service, and maintain systems of all sizes. Having used solar ourselves, we understand the importance of designing a system that is tailored to your needs, wants and budget requirements. Request a quote today: (480) 824-1998!

Our LG solar panels have a 25 year guarantee!

If our panels are producing less than 88% of energy, then we will replace it!

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