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Residential Solar Services

Solar Source USA's services are available to residents throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. These services include design, sales, installation, repair, preventative maintenance inspections, and removal or relocation. Solar Source USA only provides the highest quality energy saving products from brand name manufacturers such as LG. For more information on the services we provide, or to request a complimentary quote, please contact us today at (480) 824-1998.

Our Products and Services

3 Stages to the Perfect System

Stage 1: Evaluation

No two people or homes are alike! The first step we take is to evaluate your specific needs, wants, home architectural design, current utility usage and expenditures, and budget at no cost to you. We do this so that we can match you and your home with the perfect solar system. During evaluation, we will take detailed measurements, assess possible shading issues, and address any potential trouble spots. After we've completed the evaluation, we will provide you a detailed proposal, outlining system costs including installation, construction timeline, projected energy output, and preliminary system design. It is our hope that this will power you to make an informed buying decision.

Stage 2: Designing

During this stage, Solar Source USA will work with you one-on-one in designing a solar system that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but which also takes full advantage of the solar resources already available to you on your property. Using advanced technology, we layout the exact location of where your panels, inverter and wiring will be installed. After finalizing your system design, and ensuring we have your approval, we will submit the design to your local building services department for their approval as well as acquire all permits required to commence construction. We will also contact your HOA on your behalf, providing them with the details of your solar system design, and construction.

Stage 3: Construction

Stage 3 is very exciting! It is the construction and installation of your solar system. During this stage a team of professional installers will work to deliver an operable solar system that will power your home reliably for the next 40 plus years. You will also be provided with a performance guarantee: If our panels produce less than 88% energy output, we will replace them, at no cost to you. Upon completion of installation, we will show you how to operate your new system, as well as inform you on the best practices for maintaining it.